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Original Kamjara Oral

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Kamjara  oral- original gel
Strong and prolonged erection ...
The Kamagra comes in a variety of flavors. Enjoy a selection of all packaging tastes, this way you can decide what tastes best to you.
We recommend you to order a mix of flavors for the first time, and then you can choose to your taste, its a matter of taste.

Flavors of 

Coke taste
Green apple flavor
Guava flavor
Honey flavor
Kiwi flavor
Lemon flavor
Lychee flavor
Mango flavor
Mint flavor
Mixed fruit flavor
Caramel flavor
Cherry flavor
Chocolate flavor

Only here we find the original gel Oral 
The best price in the country ,crazy sale
Package of 7 gels is 167 NIS
Package of 14 gels is 277 NIS
Package of 21 gels is 345 NIS
Package of 49 gels is  647 NIS

Discreet deliveries to the customer's home
The cost of delivery to a customer in an additional  50 NIS
The cost of delivery by a registered mail is an additional NIS 10


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